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    Voting with Their Feet: Migration in Atlantic Canada

    Voting with their feet: Migration in Atlantic Canada is a new study that finds from 2000/01 to 2019/20, 66,396 more residents left Atlantic Canada for provinces outside the region compared to people outside of the region moving to Atlantic Canada. In addition, young, working-aged people disproportionately left the region during this period. A total of 74.3 per cent of Atlantic Canada’s interprovincial outmigrants during this period moved to Alberta and Ontario.

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    Economic Freedom Promotes Upward Income Mobility

    Economic Freedom Promotes Upward Income Mobility finds that the costs of government regulation, including labour regulations such as licencing and accreditation, represent a real barrier for Canadians—especially low-income Canadians—trying to move up the income ladder.

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    Repairing Alberta's Heritage Fund for the Long Term

    Repairing Alberta's Heritage Fund for the Long Term finds that the Alberta government can learn from Alaska and introduce better rules for the province’s Heritage Fund, which would include inflation-proofing the fund and paying dividends to Alberta residents.

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    Taxes versus the Necessities of Life: The Canadian Consumer Tax Index 2021 edition

    The Canadian Consumer Tax Index, 2021 Edition is a new study that finds even with a substantial COVID-driven reduction in tax revenue, the average Canadian family still spent over 36 per cent of its income on taxes in 2020 compared to 35.4 per cent on basic necessities—more than housing, food and clothing costs combined. Since 1961, the average Canadian family’s total tax bill has increased nominally by 1,992 per cent, eclipsing increases in annual housing costs (1,671 per cent), clothing (629 per cent) and food (767 per cent).

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    An International Comparison of Capital Expenditures

    An International Comparison of Capital Expenditures is a new study that finds the growth rate of overall capital expenditures in Canada slowed substantially from 2005 to 2019. Critically, from 2015 to 2019, the growth rate was lower than in virtually any other period since 1970, with corporate investment dropping below other developed countries such as the United States, Sweden, France, Norway, and Australia.

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    Measuring Progressivity in Canada’s Tax System

    Measuring Progressivity in Canada’s Tax System finds that the top 20 per cent of income-earning families pay nearly two-thirds (63.2 per cent) of Canada’s personal income taxes (provincial and federal) and more than half (54.7 per cent) of total taxes including sales and property taxes. Conversely, the bottom 20 per cent of income-earning families pay 1.0 per cent of all personal income taxes and 2.3 per cent of total taxes, due partly to the progressivity of Canada’s tax system where the share of taxes paid typically increases as incomes rise.

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    The Essential Ronald Coase spotlights the British economist whose insights into transaction costs changed the way economists understood the costs and potential barriers to exchanging goods and services.

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